Textbook Alert was created as an independent think tank to identify and review textbooks and teaching materials for slanted, biased, and/or inaccurate information on Judaism, the Holocaust, and biblical and modern Israel; to examine the growing coverage of Islam in our textbooks to see if its presentation is sanitized, stylized or in violation of the separation of church and state in what it says or recommends as activities; to understand and counter the impact of agenda-based Islamist or pro-Islamist organizations; to identify and counter the negative influences of multiculturalism; to address the deliberate minimalization of the contributions of various ethnicities and cultures to world and American history; to work with publishing houses to correct inaccuracies, slant and bias in all of these areas; and to work with state and local school authorities in the textbook selection and adoption process to insure that the textbooks selected fairly reflect current historical scholarship and opinion. 
     The goal of Textbook Alert is to insure standards of education that are historically accurate and ethnically and culturally unbiased. Falsification of history undermines the fabric of society; encourages prejudice and bigotry; and promotes terrorism and anarchy.  It threatens and eventually destroys democracy.  Publishing houses must recognize their societal responsibilities and cease relying on authors and consultants with vested interests who seek to revise history to conform to their political, philosophical or religious agenda.  State and local Boards of Education must approach textbook selection with care and diligence, and send a clear message to publishing houses that they will not purchase revisionist, agenda-based textbooks. Textbook Alert will provide accurate, unbiased information so that the American public can demand that standards of education be improved and make clear that they expect history to be taught accurately and without slant and bias. Anything less must not and cannot be acceptable.

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi
Director, Textbook Alert